Quality assurance:

In order to let you trust our products, we absolutely ensure the safety.The company’s sex dolls are made of safe and secure materials. As for the certification and material security, Momodoll has been certified by the relevant inspection authorities.

If the product is found defective and needs to be repaired or returned, please contact us in time and we will provide you with the best solution.We will also accept a refund or replacement if necessary.Usually, after our strict quality check, there is no quality problem.We do not offer refunds for any reason other than damage on arrival.We do not provide return or exchange service for the damaged articles due to improper use or accidents after use.

We only accept returns for products purchased directly from our website.Products purchased from third party retailers must be returned to the original retailer in accordance with that retailer’s return policy.


Before delivery, we will communicate with you about the inspection matters.Specific inspection content includes: the doll’s makeup, the whole body, side and back.Nails, standing and other special options.If you have any specific parts to confirm, please inform us in time.After confirming the perfect state of the doll with you, we will seal the box and deliver it.If your baby’s fingernails or eyelashes fall off after receiving the goods, it is likely to be caused by bumping in the transportation process. You can communicate with us in time, and we will try our best to solve the problem for you.

Regarding the color difference of makeup and skin, we cannot guarantee that the real object and the picture will be 100% restored. After all, it is limited by many factors, but generally there will be not much difference. And if there is a big difference, please timely point out when confirming the delivery.In addition, if you need customized makeup, please note your special requirements in the order, or send us an email with a picture.

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