Why do you need a fixed-head doll?

Not only can she tilt her head to the side like a real person, but she can also lift, lower her head, and turn her head around at your will.

One of the downsides of the split head doll is that the joints in the neck affect the way it looks, which can affect your libido. Because the connection is rotated by iron screws, it must be rotated in place to be fastened. But for the most part, the pretty face of the baby, though tightly fastened, is not so well turned, with the good words slanting to one side of the shoulder and the bad words to the back of the spine. If you don’t twist tightly, just ask for your face to be pointed in the direction of the front, then when you may be in the mood to make love, the doll’s face will suddenly rotate in a funny direction above 45 degrees. Split doll malpractice two: When cleaning, the connection is easy to water, so that the inside fill with old clumps and metal rust.

Because head body is an organic whole, it must be a high standard and strict requirements! Must use the high-quality skeleton and the related material, must have the strict and meticulous manufacture procedure, the earnest and responsible work attitude. So it’s safer to buy head-and-body- integrated doll.


In addition to the face, Yin, breasts, buttocks, and legs, there is also a very subtle place on both sides of the neck. When you’re hugging her or lying on her stomach, kissing this part of her body makes you feel more excited and the other person is more receptive because the feeling of being loved is stronger. So being with a head and body doll will definitely make you feel more like a real person and more sexually aroused.

On top of that, there are a lot of bad tricks in the doll market, and number one is reinvention. Their body mold, to get the cheapest and skeleton (scrap, old, broken, and rust), buy the cheapest TPE material, pouring into various problem sets a doll body, then buy from normal manufacturer’s head with, or with a low price to buy second-hand even third-hand, four different specifications of the doll, use to get off their heads, became a fake mixture doll. Too many people are taken in. So buy the head body one-in-one doll is the best choice that avoids suffering losses.

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