Creation Process of Exquisite Sex Dolls: From Molds to Delivery

It is possible that many of us are curious about how a love doll is made, while the information or introduction about the whole production process is limited. We also noticed that there are some arguments focusing on the quality and material used in our products. It is understandable for this phenomenon. After all, doll lovers spend a huge amount of hard-earned money on their dolls. It is necessary for them to know more before making an order. In the following paragraphs,we will talk about the major process of making a lovely, realistic sex doll.

Crafting Molds for Sex Dolls

The creation of molds marks the initial phase in manufacturing real dolls.

The shape and size of the mold play a vital role in defining the form of these exquisite dolls. Skilled designers meticulously craft blueprints that accurately reflect human proportions, serving as the foundation for creating the corresponding models. These molds are thoughtfully designed to accommodate a wide range of doll types, ensuring exceptional quality and realism.

Skeleton of a Sex Doll

The skeleton of a sex doll is typically made of stainless steel, serving as a substitute for the human skeletal structure. This steel skeleton forms the entire body of the sex doll, and its joint function closely resembles that of a human skeleton. Just like the human body, the doll’s joints allow for posing in lifelike positions. In the pursuit of innovation, numerous sex doll companies are now designing and manufacturing new types of doll skeletons, with a focus on improving weight distribution and rigidity.

Assembly of Mold and Skeleton

Once the mold and skeleton are prepared, they are paired together to be correctly assembled and maintained in their intended positions. The assembly process of the mold and skeleton is highly delicate. Any issues that arise during assembly can have a significant impact on the overall quality of the sex doll, resulting in defects or deformities that may render the product unusable and ultimately lead to losses. This process requires utmost patience and attention to detail to ensure the highest quality standards are met.

Heating and Preparation of TPE Material

To prepare TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) material, the raw materials are mixed in precise proportions according to the required specifications. The quality of TPE can vary significantly depending on the specific formula used. Once all the necessary materials are prepared, the processing of these materials begins. The materials are heated to approximately 200 degrees Celsius and then injected into the mold, gradually taking shape to form the sex doll.


Due to the high temperature required for heating TPE, the filled molds need to be placed in a cooling agent or clean cold water for several hours. Once the cooling process is complete, the molds are manually opened, and the sex doll is carefully removed. However, at this stage, the newly made sex doll is not yet in its final form. The casting and cooling process may leave visible seams and excess material on the doll’s body. To enhance the aesthetic appeal and attractiveness of the sex doll, further production steps are required.

Detail Finishing and Smoothing

After removing the TPE sex doll from the mold, additional manual processing is required before the doll is fully prepared and ready for sale. The edges of the freshly cast sex doll can be rough, so a grinding tool is used to smooth out the feet, hands, neck, and body sides, eliminating any uneven or rough edges. This process aims to make the doll look more realistic and beautiful.

Nails and toenails are carefully attached, followed by thorough cleaning and drying. If there are no other defects, the doll is lightly dusted with talcum powder to maintain a smooth and dry surface, ensuring maximum satisfaction for the customers.

Production of the Doll’s Head

The head and body of a sex doll are produced separately, as the head typically features more intricate details. The process of crafting the head is similar to that of the body, with the only difference being the use of different molds. Once the production of the doll’s head is complete, a professional makeup artist applies makeup to enhance its sexiness and attractiveness.

Compared to the body, there are a greater variety of head models available, providing customers with more facial options. During the factory assembly process, the head and body are typically joined together using perforations and screws.

Finally, the finished products are placed in a dedicated dust-free warehouse. After the doll’s head has been fully made up, it is installed onto the body, and factory photos are taken and sent to the customer for confirmation. Once confirmed by the customer, the doll is carefully packaged in a reliable and secure box. Inside the box, foam padding is placed, and the doll is wrapped in a blanket to protect all its parts.

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