Maiko’s Birth Story

We can often see many touching pictures and stories with MOMODOLL from users.

And now I would like to share an interesting story with you, too.

You may not know what Maiko((麻衣子) originally looked like.

Before we started shooting her, she was called Asuka(明日香), a shy girl who loved playing tennis as the pictures showed below.

Thanks to Ailovedoll’s exceptional makeup and photography skills, Maiko came to life with a new look and feel. Here comes Maiko!!

This was the birth of Maiko, a sexy and cute schoolgirl wearing a JK uniform. Ailovedoll’s interpretation of this head was even more perfect than our own brand’s, and he created a series of outstanding works.

With his permission, we adopted this creativity and inspiration. We deeply understand that every original idea is valuable and deserves respect and protection.

We appreciate your love for our brand, Momodoll, and thank you for letting more people know about us. We will work harder to develop even better products in the future.

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