MOMODOLL’s Catgirl Collection: Embracing Neko no Hi with Doll Companions


Today, on February 22nd, a day known in Japan as “Neko no Hi” or “Cat Day,” we celebrate the endearing bond between humans and their feline companions. The date, pronounced as “Nya Nya Nya” in Japanese, playfully mimics the sound of a cat’s meow, adding a whimsical touch to this special occasion. On this special day, MOMODOLL has unveiled a captivating new addition to their collection: Riona. Dressed in a yellow dress and adorned with cat ears, Riona embodies the essence of a charming catgirl. In this blog, we will not only introduce MOMODOLL’s latest release but also delve into the enchanting world of three other catgirls in our collection: MM165 Nonoka, MM140 Sara, and MM045 Sarina.

Riona: A Heartwarming Doll Companion


Taking center stage in MOMODOLL’s latest unveiling is Riona, a doll companion that radiates warmth and charm. Her vibrant yellow dress, combined with her adorable cat ears, instantly captures the essence of a catgirl.

MM165 Nonoka: The Cyberpunk Catgirl


MM165 Nonoka from MOMODOLL’s catgirl line is a captivating character that beautifully blends futuristic aesthetics with feline grace. Sporting cyberpunk-inspired cat ears, Nonoka exudes a unique charm. Her attire consists of a pink T-shirt and a pink and white skirt, which perfectly complements her matching pink cat ear. The combination of fashion and elegance showcased by Nonoka makes her truly fascinating.

MM140 Sara: Grace and Elegance Personified


MM140 Sara is wearing a black and white schoolgirl-style dress, knee-high socks, and little leather shoes. She has black cat ears on her head and mimics the playful actions of a cat, making her look mischievous and adorable.

MM045 Sarina: Playful and Whimsical


MM045 Sarina represents grace and elegance as a doll companion. With her refined features and enchanting clothes, Sarina exudes sophistication. Every detail, from her delicate cat ears to her meticulously designed dresses, is crafted to capture the essence of a graceful companion. Sarina wears an elegant pink dress that adds charm, and her long, curled hair enhances her overall beauty.


As we embrace Neko no Hi and celebrate the adorable bond between humans and cats, MOMODOLL’s Catgirl collection offers a delightful way to capture the glamor and allure of these doll companions. Riona is joined by the enchanting MM165 Nonoka, the naughty MM140 Sara, and the elegant MM045 Sarina, showcasing the MOMODOLL’s commitment to creating captivating doll companions. Each catgirl has a unique personality and beauty, offering collectors a variety of choices to suit their preferences.
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