How to deal with your sex doll?

You may buy the perfect doll with gusto, but never think about the day you break up with her. So, this article is just a little reminder of what to do with dolls that you might be interested in.

Having an alluring and charming sex doll is definitely a great choice in the home. In addition to being able to enjoy sex with the perfect doll anytime you want, loneliness can also be alleviated by holding her in your arms when you go to bed, seeing her when you wake up, and waiting for you when you get home. What’s more, sex doll is really too sexy, just to appreciate her is enough to let people’s mood get better.

Although the doll is said to be a virtual life, but her life and real people have a certain limit. In order to keep your doll with you longer, you need to pay attention to some maintenance measures. The lifespan of the doll also depends on how often and how you use it. As with your cell phone and other devices at home, she could, unfortunately, leave you early if she is not properly protected.

Over time, sex dolls may fade from their original appearance, potency and function. By and by she may be stuck in a corner and completely unable to hold your attention. Eventually, you even decide to get rid of it because it takes up room at home. But the sex doll is big, you can’t throw it in the trash, and she’s like a battered old dildo. And there are related to the issues of privacy or scandal. So, as the owner, you have to think maturely about how to manage dolls responsibly when they need to be dealt with.

You have two allowable options to solve this problem. Would you rather keep your sex doll? Or throw them out and replace them when they run out of function and beauty?

How to deal with your sex doll

Like it or not, your plastic partner has a virtual life, and sex dolls can’t beat aging. Although made from the most durable polymers such as TPEs and silicone, sex dolls are not immune to permanent wear and dents, where they cannot be easily removed or separated from the doll. In this case, the only thing you can do is to say goodbye to your virtual lover, because being with her will no longer be satisfying and enjoyable.

At this point, he will start to realize that it’s time to get rid of his sex doll. As a result, anyone who owns a doll is likely to face separation sooner or later, and what to do with his sex doll becomes a question.

There are some good ways to get rid of your sex doll correctly. The most effective ways to deal with them are listed below:

  1. Put them in your closet for a while, take a beautiful picture, and sell it online. Perhaps this is the best way to say goodbye to your old flame.
  2. Remove their moving parts, separate the torso, wrap it and throw it into the trash to save more space and not to scare your neighbors. Remember to disinfect.
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