Enhanced Realism with Momodoll’s New Option:Movable Jaw of H027&H028

Momodoll has recently introduced an exciting new option: the movable jaw. In this blog, we will explore the principles behind the movable jaw and the significance it brings to these dolls, making them even more adorable and lifelike.

Currently, the option of movable jaw is only available for the H027 and H028. The movable jaw is based on a simple yet effective principle. By incorporating a simple structure into the doll’s design, the mouth can be easily opened and closed. This design ensures that the jaw moves smoothly, adding to the doll’s expressiveness.

The movable jaw enhances the realism of Momodoll by allowing for natural mouth movements, creating a wider range of expressions. It is important to note that this new option is designed for visual realism. Built-in tongue is default(not available for no-tongue and oral sex)

Dolls with movable jaw

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